Handmade Reception Desk 


Following my last post regarding the polished cement worktop, I wanted to touch slightly on the rest of the desk. 

I wanted to combine three elements into this design, wood, metal and cement

I decided to go for a floor to worktop modesty panel as I wanted this item to be a heavy piece of furniture, making it stand out from the other desks in the office, as it would be the customers main port of call. As I had decided on a cement worktop which I knew would be extremely heavy I also needed a structure to be sturdy enough to hold the weight. 


It consists of a wooden built structure, as the desk was a solid boxed design the last thing we wanted was to deliver it and realise that the floor was uneven so each pedestal has four hidden feet that can be adjusted with an allen key via the inside of the units, with plastic removable covers. There is one shelf in each pedestal that can be used at different heights by metal detachable pegs and pre drilled hole options.

As the space for this piece of furniture was limited we finished each pedestal door with a spring magnetic latch. This is such a great tip as a space saver as adding a handle would have made it difficult for the person sitting behind it to swing around without knocking their knees on door handles and it also leaves you with a really sleek finish.






The wooden structure inside and out is finished in a matt black, which really shows of the metal framework.



We used an untreated self colouring metal sheeting, which is as natural as it gets the colour is non consistent in a very natural way. As it is untreated obviously it would weather if using it externally but it is perfect for internal jobs. 

We used a solid welders edge on the corners finished with rounded head screws in a matching colour. I'm often asked to use counter sunk flat heads and I can't stress from a design point of view how much better round heads look, they make me very happy haha I'm so sad. 


I decided to balance the design by setting the modesty board back slightly, this gave the desk more character and visually it wasn't as heavy on the eye. 




As we had a space criteria to fit, all my calculations worked from the worktop inwards, making sure that the base was a sufficient size to sit correctly under the worksurface, taking into consideration it would be covered in metalwork too. You wouldn't think this a tricky part but it really is essential to get it right. With all our designs I always recommend using good old masking tape to mark the area on your floor you think you have to play with, walk around it and see what suits you. You must really think about what you want from your item, for example when I made my coffee table I took into account that I like to rest my feet on it when watching the TV and now I can do this without my feet covering any of the screen haha, it's little things like that, that make all the difference and if you're having something tailor made you should make sure it's perfectly suited for all your needs. 


If you have any criterias or design ideas that you want to see brought to life, please contact us sales@historyrepeats.co.uk for a free brainstorm and quotation.