A waylaid Happy Christmas and New Year....... better late then never? 



 It's been such a busy time in our household as I can imagine many others. 

We had some rather odd decorations this year, with all sorts of toys randomly turning up on our tree.



Jack also decided that Noddy had to be our tree topper, this was a great conversation piece throughout Christmas, random Noddy!


We had bulks of candy sticks, as they apparently look pretty together? It took everything in me not to spread them out every evening once the kids had gone to bed haha. 



 New Year we decided to stay in just the three of us after going over our options. We got all our favourite food and had a three course meal full of random ingredients to please all our taste buds. Throughout the year we kept a jar full of notes of funny and fabulous things that had happened, reading through those notes was hilarious, it's been a roller coaster of a year but sitting and reading all the positives there was certainly more ups then downs and what a brilliant way to end the year. There should be a law, everyone should have to do this. I have never felt so grateful and consumed by my life and out of all the fabulous ways in the past I have seen the new year in, that was by far my favourite! 


History Repeats has come on leaps and bounds and I am extremely excited to see what 2015 has in store, we have been part of some amazing projects and met some fantastic people and I can only hope that this year will continue to be just as brilliant as the last. Thank you to everyone for their continued support x