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Displaying a 'gogo' collection


My children collected loads of these small plastic gogos. They spent endless hours playing with them and dangerously leaving them laying around, many a time have I had the imprint of a three eyed, half elephant, half tiger figure on the sole of my foot… OUCH!!!  As with everything they so desperately need at the time, they’ve got over their gogo obsession. We were clearing through Darceys bedroom and she decided they can now live on her top shelve (the one she can’t reach, where all her outgrown, well loved, can’t part with toys end up).  I love the look of the gogos, they’re colourful and creative and so I decided we should display them.

A while ago I’d purchased a few thimble display cabinets, SEE!!!! I knew I would have a use for them at some point hahaha.  We used a glass fronted cabinet for Darcey (10 years) and a more simple design for Jack (4 years). They both chose a colour and we spray painted them, the kids absolutely loved doing this (we did this outside in a well prepared area, with masks, overalls and gloves). It took all my willpower to let them get involved, especially when I noticed a few runs appearing, blatantly thin layers means absolutely nothing to a 4 year old with a spray can! Not all the gogos fitted in the spaces provided but most did and I am really please with how they’ve turned out.