Handmade Reception Desk, that can be adapted to meet all criterias

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This item of furniture was designed for a shops reception area, if there are any elements of this design that you would like to incorporate into an item of furniture or wish to adapt this desk in any shape or form, please contact us sales@historyrepeats.co.uk for a free brainstorm and quotation.

This item is a very solid, heavy piece of furniture therefore delivery must be agreed before making your order as it will depend on your chosen size and finish.

Handmade Reception Desk, that can be adapted to meet all criterias

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The first layer of this structure is made of wood that is finished inside and out in a matt black. It is then framed by an untreated self colouring metal sheeting, which is as natural as it gets resulting in the colour being non consistent. The corners feature solid welders edging, finished with rounded head screws in a matching colour. Each pedestal has four hidden feet that can be adjusted with an allen key via the inside of the units, with plastic removable covers, preventing the item from rocking on uneven flooring. There is one shelf in each pedestal featured in this particular desk that can be used at different heights by metal detachable pegs and pre drilled hole option. Each pedestal door has a spring magnetic latch fasten, leaving a very sleek finish on the external door as it does not require a handle. The worktop is thick polished concrete, finished in a light grey. The worktop colour can be adapted with different combinations of mixture on request.